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The Book

"Unlock Dyslexia: A Comprehensive Workbook", developed by the founder of The Elevator Project Special Needs Program, unlocks dyslexics' potential to overcome their challenges through comprehensive exercises and informative guides.


The book focuses on three major aspects of dyslexia:

These exercises and guides are meant to help parents or loved ones of those with dyslexia by giving an overview, tips, and the neuroscientific background of dyslexia. This workbook is also meant for those that have dyslexia to try to improve their reading and comprehension skills amongst others.

All proceeds from the book go directly to my non-profit organization, The Elevator Project.

Visual Learning​

  • Visual Recognition

  • Visual Memory

  • Visual Sequencing

Auditory Learning​

  • Auditory Recognition

  • Auditory Memory

  • Auditory Sequencing

Spatial Perception

  • Body Perception

  • Spatial Orientation

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